The “BMO” in BMO Logistics is derived from time served as a Battalion Maintenance Officer (BMO).  Pronounced as Bē-Mō, it was the BMO’s call sign throughout deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Knowing first-hand the importance of logistics in any campaign, BMO Logistics capitalizes on over 3 decades of experience as a mechanic, maintenance officer, product data manager and Director of Logistics to provide customers with superior life cycle logistics consulting service.  The services are specialized in devising and developing efficient and effective logistics concepts and strategies affecting the life cycle of equipment, facilities, or machinery.

BMO Logistics possesses the necessary expertise to help life cycle managers understand the influencers attributing to the degradation or failure of their assets from inception to end-of-life.  By reviewing, baselining, and assessing the as-is supporting logistics activities, we are able to discover solutions that provide insight for “to-be” planning, migration, and execution.  In the end, the goal is to effectively align and prioritize logistics activities and resources to overcome the weight of the operational environment influencers to ensure user or production demands are met.

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