BMO Logistics Services

Documentation of System Life Cycle Baselines

We help identify lifecycle support gaps by comparing Functional, Allocated, or Product Baselines with the Operational Environment Influencers and Supporting Logistics Activities to establish a meaningful reference point.

Integration of Life Cycle Support Requirements

We help show the effectiveness of a system, machine, or facility by tracing and linking life cycle baselines.

Tailored Life Cycle Logistics Business Process Modeling

We help by documenting and analyzing logistics business processes for the purpose of identifying improvements.

Business Case Analysis And Assessments

We help decision makers make sound choices by conducting an abbreviated or extended assessment of the attributes affecting the life cycle of their systems, machines, or facilities.

Strategy and Planning

We help devise and develop strategies, plans, and business rules to establish a path where the system, machine or facility meets user requirements or production demands.

Condition-Based Maintenance

We help with identifying the data, data gaps, and analysis methodology to shift from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Data Management

Thinking Big Data or Business Intelligence?  BMO logistics has a broad background working with data modelers, administrators, and analysts.  We help with understanding the key logistics subject areas, mapping of data elements, data interpretation, and data reporting to balance the calculation and visualization of leading and lagging measures.

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